Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mankind's Bane: The Approved Collective

Mankind’s Bane: The Approved Collective

The collective derives its importance for being a political force, and is, therefore, strongly preferred by politicians.

A common theme that has been inserted into popular culture these days is that only approved collective efforts are legitimate. The Tea Party movement is characterized as "a bunch of loony, wacko extremists, clinging to their guns and their bibles." By coincidence, the Tea Party collective unites under a belief in Individualism: individual rights and individual responsibilities. To be legitimate, in the view of our elite masters, the individual must subjugate himself to an approved collective, such as a union, a government agency, or an organization that supports approved collectives.

When a letter is offered to a newspaper for publication on the editorial page, it has a very good chance of being published if the author is a member of Planned Parenthood or the League of Women Voters. However, if the author is an adherent to Tea Party views, the letter is swiftly "spiked."

Do you ever wonder why the newscasts and news papers seem so uniformly homogenous, and so devoid of original thought? This is the reason: They must all reflect the views of an approved collective. If the news shows individuals in a bad light, it is front page material. If the news shows an approved collective in a bad light, it is either "spiked" or relegated to the footnotes on page 17.

A persistent, forceful effort was made by the news collective to tie the Tucson assassin (Jared Loughner) to the Tea Party. A letter opposing a public presentation by Focus on the Family is prominently featured on the letters page of our local news paper. The message here is: Tea Party people are assassins. Unapproved collectives must be silenced.

History shows us some collectives that had the approval of elites in their time:
racialist, nationalists
Spanish Conquistadores
Moorish Invaders
Plantation owners
aggrieved victims (the poor, minorities, undocumented foreigners)
Unions continue to be valued (because of their political utility), in spite of having wrecked education and the automobile industry.

To understand the approval/non-approval status of a collective, consider how today’s elites view
minorities, who started low as far as "life’s lottery" is concerned, but refused the role of aggrieved victim:
Marco Rubio
Thomas Sowell
Justice Clarence Thomas
Sarah Palin
Walter Williams
They should be celebrated, but because they personify and revere individualism, they are despised.

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